19 Color Set
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19 Color Set

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Candy Red, Sweet and sugary.

Blue, Simply blue, vibrantly done.

Brown, Brown color, pure and simple.

Bubblegum Pink, A fun, energetic pop of pink shade.

Canary Yellow, Our ultra-infused yellow.

Chocolate, Elegant, rich and delicious.

Country Blue, A classic true blue.

Deep Green, Perfect to make landscaping.

Lavender, A floral, fresh and light purple.

Lemon Yellow, A softer shade of tangy yellow.

Lime Green, Basic green with a hint of yellow.

Magenta, Red and blue with tones of raspberry.

Medium Green, Neutral and perfect green.

Royal Blue, Elegant and sophisticated color.

Scarlet Red, The color of blood and passion.

Super White, Excellent to stand out, give light, sparkles and more.

Teal, A fantasy-like blue and green mix.

Tiger Orange, Strong, fierce and bold orange.

Tribal Black, Special for filling in and tribal designs.